What is cPanel?

cPanel is one of the best control panels offered by Web hosting providers to their clients to give them a wonderful experience in managing their websites, Through cPanel you can manage files, emails, databases, domains, dns, ssl, etc.

The following image shows the main view of cPanel Click on to take a tour in cPanel




cPanel interface divided into several sections each section introduce specific service.

cPanel sections: 

  • Files: this section introduce some icons that makes you able to upload/download/backup/edit/control your website files, it contains file manager, images, directory privacy, disk usage, web disk, backup services.


  • Databases: this section icons makes you able to add/remove/control/connect databases of your website, it contains phpmyadmin, mysql databases, remote mysql.


  • Domains: this section makes you able to publish/add/remove/park domains of your website, it contains site publisher, domains, addon domains, subdomains, aliases, dns zone editor.


  • Email: this section makes you able to add/remove/control emails and calendars, it contains email accounts, forwarders, email routing, autoresponders, default address, mailing lists, track delivery, global email filters, address importer, spam filters, encryption, calendars and contacts, email disk usage.


  • Metrics: this section makes you able to monitor stats and errors of your website, it contains visitors, errors, bandwidth, raw access, awstats, analog stats, webalizer, metrics editor.


  • Security: this section makes you able to protect your website, it contains ssh access, ip blocker, ssl/tls, hotlink protection, leech protection, modsecurity.


  • Software: this section makes you able to control perl/php/gzip compression, it contains php pear packages, perl modules, rubygems, site software, optimize website, multi php manage, multi php.ini editor.


  • Advanced: this section makes you control website like professionals, it contains terminal, cron jobs, track dns, indexes, error pages, apache handlers, mime types.


  • Preferences: this section makes you control the cPanel account, it contains password & security, change language, contact information, user manager.


  • Applications: this sections makes you able to install some applications on your website by only one click, it contains wordpress by default and more it differ from provider to another.




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